Welcome to our website.

We are Conny and Dan Dabson.  We currently live in Dover, DE.  Our joint interest started after Conny gave me a Canon T3 DSLR for Christmas.  I started taking photos and we made our first trip to Bombay Hook NWR, Smyrna DE.  We were instantly hooked on wildlife photography.  It didn't take long and Conny needed an upgrade from her bridge camera.  I picked her up a Canon T3 DSLR, there will be no one upping each other on equipment here.

It didn't take long for me to dig out my old Minolta X-570 film SLR and start using it again.  I started developing both color and black and white photos.  Wow, what a wonderful experience.

Both Conny and I enjoy going new places and documenting it on film and on a memory card.  Feel free to drop us an email or visit our facebook page.  You can email us at dan@dabson.us

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