Developing Black and White Film at Home

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Why not shoot film?  "I have to send it off to get developed and it takes to long for me to see my photos."  WRONG!!!  If you are taking the time to shoot film you might as well develop it.  It isn't that hard, in fact it is pretty easy.  There are a number of tutorials on the internet, including videos on YouTube and they do a much better job of teaching than I do.


Kodak HC-110 developer

My choice, and there are a lot of them, for developer is Kodak HC-110.  You can mix it straight from concentrate and it keeps well.


Other chemicals used include Stop Bath, Fixer, Clearing Agent (optional) and Wetting Agent.

Other chemicals that are used are, a chemical stop bath, fixer, hypo clearing agent and a final wash/wetting agent.  These are all readily available from several suppliers or local sources.  Notice I store my chemicals in used Iced Tea containers.  No need to spend extra money.


Light sealed developing tank

The actual developing and processing is all done inside a light sealed tank.  They are super easy to use once you master the task of loading film onto reals in the dark.  A little practice is required.  Try it first with a discarded film and you will get the hang of it.


A developed roll of black and white film

A black and white negative ready for scanning or printing.  It really is that simple, just follow the right steps and you can do it too.  


Scanned black and white photo from negative

The finished product.  This photo was scanned from a negative I developed in my kitchen sink.  How cool is that!  The original negative is stored in clear plastic sleeves and the digital scan is backed up with the rest of my photos.  This leaves me the option to attempt actual dark room printing in the future.

P.S.  All the photos used in this entry were shot on color film and home processed using the C41 process.  Once you learn to process black and white film, color film can be processed too!!





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